Install from sources

On Windows, this link might be helpful.

1. Install dependencies



Debian and Debian based

apt-get install python python-qt4 python-markdown python-docutils ctags

Install Qutepart from sources.

Other Unixes

Find and install listed packages with your package manager.
Install Qutepart from sources.

Other systems

Go to official pages of the projects, download packages and install according to instructions.

2. Get the sources

Download source archive

3. Setup

./setup.py install

4. Fix python interpreter version

If your default python version is python3 (i.e. in Gentoo), open file /usr/local/bin/enki with your text editor and replace
#!/usr/bin/env python
#!/usr/bin/env python{your 2.x version}

5. Enjoy

Don't forget to send a bug report, if you are having some problems