Why a new code editor?

Vim and emacs are fantastic editors; in my opinion, the two the best in history. But the original vi was created in 1976; emacs was started in the mid-1970s. Time goes on, and the world changes. A lot of new cool technologies have been invented since then.

Currently some programmers spend a lot of time to learn and configure vim or emacs. Some then become fans of one of these editors and try to argue that this favorite editor is very intuitive, user friendly and it is absolutelly impossible to create a better interface.

Other people move from one ugly GUI IDE to another, finally realizing that all them are even worse than vi and emacs. Some people never understand.

Vim and Emacs are powerful, extensible and hacker friendly. But, they are not usable. Modern IDEs are beginner friendly, but often slow, force you to use your mouse, and do not allow a hacker to work as productivelly as possible.

I believe that it is possible to join all the best of these editors in one project. I really can’t understand why the open source comunity hasn’t done it yet. Where are heroes of the new generation?

I’m going to create next Unix text editor. Of course, such a revolution can’t be done by one man, but only by the community. Your bug reports, suggestions, patches…are welcome!