Enki is a text editor for programmers. It is:

  • User friendly. Intuitive interface. Works out of the box. You don’t have to read a lot of docs.
  • Hacker friendly. Work as quickly as possible. Navigate efficiently without your mouse.
  • Advanced. You invent software. An editor helps you focus on inventing, instead of fighting with your tools.
  • Extensible. Operating systems are designed for running applications. Enki is designed for running plugins.
  • Cross platform. Use your habitual editor on any OS. Tested on Linux and Windows. Users report that Enki works Mac OS X.
  • High quality. No long list of fancy features. But, what is done, is done well.
  • Open source. Created, tested, and designed for the community, by the community, and with the community.

Truly Minimalistic UI

Best-in-class search/replace functionality

In-file navigation for 40+ languages

Markdown, HTML, reStructuredText live preview

Fuzzy file-matching and bash-like path completion

REPL for Python, SML, Scheme

Pylint support

Vim mode