Scheme REPL integration

Update: Standard ML (SML) REPL also is supported!

Enki supports MIT Scheme interpreter integration. It allows you to quickly execute code, which is contained in your current opened file, and to evaluate expressions interactively with REPL.

Activating scheme mode

  • Make sure MIT Scheme (mit-scheme) package is installed
  • Open any Scheme file (.scm, *.ss). Scheme mode will be loaded. You will have *MIT Scheme item in your main menu. Alternatively you can go to Settings -> Settings -> Modes -> Scheme and choose option Enable MIT Scheme always

Evaluating your file

Press Ctrl+E to evaluate whole file, or select some text and press Ctrl+E to evaluate only this text.


In the MIT Scheme dock you can evaluate your expressions. If you don't see the dock.
Remember that you can use F8 to jump to dock, and Ctrl+Enter to return back to the code


Enki does not support GUI debugging. But, you can use MIT Scheme interpreter functionality. See http://www.gnu.org/software/mit-scheme/


By default, Enki indents Scheme files according to http://community.schemewiki.org/?scheme-style. If you want to disable smart indentation, edit ''SchemeIndentHelper'' option in your ${HOME}/.enki/enki.json

Make Enki Scheme mode better

hlamer: I created this mode for my SICP exercises (When I'm writing this post, I'm near to finish 3rd chapter). I'm not an experienced schemer, and not an emacs guru. If you know, how to enhance the mode, say me.